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Brighten Up Your Boo-Boos!

are self-adhesive, flexible bandages in different colors and pattern

…, the bandage supports bands and joints and also looks good
…, the colors and pattern will match your outfit

…, the world is more fun with colors

The bandages are:

sweat and water resistant without slipping
tearable by hand

not sticky to skin and hair
- it adheres only to itself
in many bright colors and pattern

                                            easy fix on, tear off, press on ....& go!

All bandages are skin-friendly and breathable.

There are many ways to use a  bandage:

  • stabilisation and immobilisation of body parts
  • as a protection or covering of a cast
  • to prevent overloading of sports, leisure and work
  • for fixation of sterile dressings and cool packs
  • also as a hairband or grip-tape for sports equipement

Wherever you are wearing a  bandage, whether inskating,
dancing, at school or at work - you'll attract attention!